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Hartbeat Ensemble Performs at Eastern

Published on February 06, 2015

Hartbeat Ensemble Performs at Eastern

Through a combination of acting, dancing and singing, the Hartbeat Ensemble performed “Can’t Wait: Reflections on the Movement” at Eastern Connecticut State University on Feb. 4 as part of African American History Month.

Three women of different backgrounds delivered this presentation to make the point that there is still unfinished business to attend to in respecting African Americans.

“My color is my voice and it is my job to amplify a voice that’s not heard,” said one of the ensemble members. The women spoke and sang passionate lyrics as powerful music poured out of the loud speakers and historical images flashed on the screen behind them. “Deep in my heart, I still believe we shall overcome,” they sang.

As expressed by the Hartbeat Ensemble, the problem with today’s race relations is that “We may support an idea, but too many of us are unwilling to put our lives behind our words.”

Written by Kathryn Shpak