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Graffiti Breaking Ground at Eastern

Published on February 23, 2015

Graffiti Breaking Ground at Eastern

On March 5, the artists of Eastern Connecticut State University’s newest Akus Gallery exhibition will be on hand to discuss their cutting-edge art from 3-4 p.m. “Aerosol Evolution: Graffiti Art Transcending Past, Present and Future Boundaries” will be on display for free to the public from March 5-April 16, 2015.

The work, by six regional graffiti artists, is in process. Plywood will be mounted over the walls in the Akus Gallery, where the artists have complete freedom to work and create just days before the opening. A time lapse video of the process will also be on display. Dooley-O, Pacer, Es, Geli, Revenge and Jah will bring a variety of styles and subject matter to the exhibit as they create with complete artistic freedom.

Graffiti is an intriguing and controversial medium. One of the exhibition’s objectives is to show that it can be positive, dynamic and progressive.  “Aerosol Evolution” will transform the Akus Gallery into a space unlike it has been seen before, covered almost floor-to-ceiling with fresh new street art. It will be one of the last exhibitions in the Akus Gallery before the new Fine Arts Instructional Center opens in Spring 2016.

The exhibition’s theme of evolution is one that Eastern’s art community can relate to as it prepares to relocate from one of the oldest buildings on campus to the newest. “Aerosol Evolution” will try to show that it is possible to move forward into a positive space while continuing to embrace what came before.

Written by Kelsey Tuller

Categories: Art Gallery