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Experimental Theatre Performance at Eastern

Published on February 27, 2015

Experimental Theatre Performance at Eastern

A group of experimental theatre students at Eastern Connecticut State University presented “Prime Numbers: The Greatest Hits” on Feb. 27 as a preview of the Theatre Department’s coming production, “Johnsonville.” The script was written by Communication Professor Edmund Chibeau, taken from his book “Performance Scripts: Prime Numbers.”

“Conceptual or experimental art focuses primarily on the process and approach to the work, rather than the execution,” said Chibeau. “Writing is open to interpretation through the performance. It is impossible not to have interpretation. A work gets reinterpreted every time it is read or performed. It is impossible for there not to be interpretation in theatre.”

The pieces were interpreted and performed by 28 actors, as well as a videographer, video-editor, stage manager, stylist and props manager. The show was supervised by Theatre Professors Alycia Bright-Holland and David Pellegrini. Chibeau’s work has also been performed at Real Art Ways Theatre in Hartford, the Bruno Walter Auditorium and at the Alternative Museum in New York.

The experimental theater class explores historical and contemporary theories of experimental and avant-garde theatre and performance in a global context, with the goal of practical applications. Topics they explore theoretically and experientially may include intercultural, bilingual, multi-media production, installation and performance art.

Written by Kelsey Tuller

Categories: Theatre, Arts