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Anti-Intimate Partner Violence Campaign Comes to Eastern

Published on February 27, 2015

Anti-Intimate Partner Violence Campaign Comes to Eastern

Linda Blozie of the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV), spokesperson for the 10×10 Campaign, visited Eastern Connecticut State University on Feb. 26 to talk about intimate partner violence and how men and boys are critical in curbing the problem. The event, sponsored by Eastern’s Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence Response Team (SAIV-RT), was well-attended by men in and outside of the Eastern community.

While the vast majority of men are not perpetrators of intimate partner violence, the 10×10 Campaign maintains that everyone should be a part of the solution. The campaign empowers men to do this by raising awareness, encouraging them to take action by speaking up, and increasing accountability by involving others in the effort.

According to Blozie’s presentation, one-third of all criminal cases in Connecticut are family violence-related; approximately 56,000 people seek services at their local domestic violence agency; 17 percent of Connecticut students reported emotional abuse by a boyfriend or girlfriend; and eight percent of high school students reported physical abuse by a boyfriend or girlfriend.

“Relationship violence is a pattern of behaviors, not a single event,” said Blozie. “It escalates over time.” She also suggested that the problem persists because victims are hesitant to speak up, witnesses are reluctant to intervene and people do not know where to go for help. “What can you do to stop the violence?” asked Blozie. “Take a stand, become a role model, be a leader, start talking.”

By bringing the 10×10 Campaign to campus and related initiatives, such as the “Men’s Project,” Eastern echoes the “It’s On Us” White House campaign, aimed at fundamentally shifting the way we look and think about interpersonal violence.   Designed by the CCADV, the 10×10 Campaign is open to any self-identifying male who wants to take action to prevent intimate partner violence, dating violence and stalking in their community. To get involved, contact Linda Blozie at (860) 282-7899 or

Written by Michael Rouleau