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Art in the Library


: Helena Hernmarck, Ridgefield, CT
Title: Open Door, Open Book
Size: 8 feet wide and 16 feet long
Materials: 25%linen, 75%wool, weighing about 60 pounds
Description: Hand woven the artist used over 600 colors in the design, which depicts an open book with a vista. She intends it to convey a double meaning-the library opens its doors to anyone who wants to learn, and one is drawn in by the hint of interesting things inside. Also, the book bindings are opened and one can glimpse through the back of the book and the widening of the horizons that education fosters in a person.
Location: This piece hangs on a two-story high blue tiled wall just inside the main entrance on the second level of the new library.

Stained Glass Window

: David Wilson, South New Berlin, N.Y.
Size: 4 feet wide and 22 feet long
Materials: Leaded glass with aluminum subframe
Description: This stained glass window is made of durable leaded glass which includes "antique" hand blown transparent and opaque colors, clear bevels, dichroic, and mirror coatings. The artist felt that because the window faces north and getting no direct sunlight, and because there is a lot of surface light from the western exposure, he would use light colors, with prismatic and reflective elements so that the work will mysteriously respond to all kinds of changing light. The design itself has a "technical" and geometric quality which is compatible with a highly advanced and computerized library.
Location: Northern window in the Community/Conference Room, level 2


: Clyde Lynds, Wallington, NJ
Title: Sunbench
Size: 4 feet high, 10 feet long
Materials: 7? thick, steel rod reinforced, cast and carved concrete. Surface lighting of the concrete will employ optical fiber imbedments.
Description: Deeply engraved on the front of the bench are Daniel Webster's words, "Knowledge is the great sun in the firmament. Life and power are scattered in all its beams." The scale Webster invoked in these words embodies the infinite possibility contained in a library, the artist feels. At night and on darker days, fiber optics, in constantly moving and changing programs, appear on the back of the bench. One display, says the artist, illustrates the minute particles and beginnings of life from the micro world while another portrays the macrocosm represented by a night sky. He says further that "together the two displays symbolize the vast, all- encompassing sum of knowledge available to and from the library building." Fiber optics are used to suggest a forward looking technologically oriented facility while the traditional form of a stone bench acts as a counterpoint to the technology of communicating with light and re-establishes the historical significance of the library.
Location: Centered in the wide walkway leading to the front entrance of the library.


: Agnes Nyanhongo, Zimbabwe
Title: The Rain Ceremony
Material: Green Spring Stone
Description:This beautiful sculpture depicts a group of women joyously looking to the sky as the rain is pouring down. They let the rain wet their faces and long hair with utter abandonment and bliss.
Location: 2nd floor, Periodicals Room


: Professor Claudia Widdiss, Eastern
Title: Alexander "Sandy" Taylor
Material: Bronze
Description: Sandy Taylor, renowned poet and professor of English at Eastern Connecticut State University, founded with Judith A. Doyle Curbstone Press in 1975. Dedicated to promoting human rights and social justice, Curbstone Press became one of the major literary small presses in the United states.
Location: 3rd floor


: Joe Dal Pra
Title: Hero Boy
Material: Aluminum and steel
Location: 2nd floor


: Michael Borders, Bloomfield, Connecticut
Title: "Future for the Twenty-First Century"
Descriptions: Mr. Borders did a demonstration and lecture on the creative process of this particular print in the Johnson Community/Conference Room on Sept. 9, 1999. The faces of the children in this print were hand-colored.
Location: on the First Floor, Curriculum Center.

Metal Work

: Professor Claudia Widdiss, Eastern.
Title: Healing Curtains
Descriptions: Professor of Art Widdiss designed this aluminum metal piece for the spectacular western windows in the Periodicals Reading Area, Second Floor of the library.


: Natasha Darius, Eastern student (Class of '02)
Title: History of ECSU libraries
Descriptions: Ms. Darius did research on the history of Eastern libraries and quilted in the scanned images of the libraries dating back to 1889.
Location: on the wall in the north reading area, Third Floor.


: Professor Emeritus Richard Wolf
Title: The Violinist
Location: Third Floor, west.


: Sol Lewitt
Title: Pyramid #5
Location: Second Floor South


: Edward L. Morabito
Title: O2
Location: Johnson Community Conference Room, Second Floor.

Rice Paper Ink Drawing

Artist: C. H. Wei
Title: Two Plum Trees in Bloom
Donated by: Dr. Tina C. Fu, Director of Library Services Emerita
Location: Oversized Book Collection, Third Floor.