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University Curriculum Committee

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Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is concerned with the development of any curriculum offered for credit in the undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs of the University. Major concerns are the introduction, growth, reduction, or discontinuance of departments or programs, proposed majors and minors, shifts in program emphasis, and new courses. The Committee has nine members: two from different departments of ED&PS; one from Humanities; one from Natural Sciences/Mathematics; one from Social Sciences; one from Support Services; one elected at-large; one student elected by the Student Senate and the University Registrar or designee (non-voting). Specific restrictions on membership are set forth in the bylaws.

  • Maryanne Clifford (ED&PS ECO '22) Chair
  • Scott Moore (Social Sciences/HIS '23) Committee Secretary (sabbatical FA22)
  • David Stoloff (ED&PS EDU '23)
  • David Vrooman (LIB '23)
  • Derek Laux (Natural Sciences/Math BIO '23)
  • Barbara Liu (At-Large ENG '23) (sabbatical FA22)
  • Afarin Rahmanifar (ART '24)
  • Destiny Hurst, Student Government Association Representative
  • Jennifer Huoppi, Registrars, (non-voting member)
  • Damali Abbensetts, Academic Success Center, (non-voting member)