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Published on November 07, 2022

Robert Greene

"I am an artist with one foot in the studio and one foot outside in the mud. I work in a variety of mediums including outdoor and site specific.

My work deals primarily with the human condition (Life, death, figurative, abstract figurative and psychological).

The material I am most drawn to is wood. Wood is familiar and warm. It can be rendered and shaped in countless ways or left natural to express the already inherent beauty and characteristics it possesses.

A fellow artist once told me, 'Follow your dreams; if you don’t you will never know true happiness. If you don’t attempt to do what you were made to do, then you are denying the gifts given to you.' I am a maker who took his words to heart."

“Unscathed and Untrue” (2022, Pine and Teak, 19” x 77”)

"From Whose Eyes" (2019-20, Teak and Mahogany, 26.5” H x 14.5” W x 24”)

Robert Greene is an east coast artist/sculptor who resides in Oakdale CT. His work deals primarily with the human condition. The activity of the mind and nervous system is his main inspiration. Graduating from Eastern Connecticut State University in 2006, he went on to pursue a Master's in Fine Art at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2010, receiving his Master's in 2013. He is currently a full time Associate Professor of sculpture in the Department of Art and Art History at Eastern.

His sculptures have gained recognition along the East Coast with many pieces in both private and public collections. His work has been mentioned from local newspapers to the Boston Globe. Robert had a sculpture featured in the New York Times where it was highlighted in a prominent room the Annual Kips Bay Decorator Show House. Robert's work can also be seen in the Huffington Post and many papers and blogs. He continues to exhibit in conjunction with staying busy creating original pieces and making new discoveries in his studio in Oakdale. He enjoys nurturing the creative minds of his students by engaging them in thought provoking projects. He believes that creativity and innovation go hand in hand.