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Published on March 07, 2022

Katie Fogg

Katie Fogg’s lyrical compositions expand the notion of what drawing is or can be.  She works within a range both typical drawing mediums as will as paint, Fogg’s works, as much meditation as art, weave across the image ground, creating tapestries of delicate Rococo complexity. Building upon that layered weaving, Fogg’s drawings might also be compared to lively Jazz-like  improvisations transformed from aural to visual experience, or perhaps she might be imagined as a skater, defying gravity as she cuts, flits and floats feather light over the frosty ice.

Katie Fogg, ND, 35 x 35in, marker on paper

Artist’s Bio

​Katie Fogg (b.1988) is a multidisciplinary artist who's vibrant work exemplifies her interpretation of the world in its full intensity. The visual experience of color and design is a direct effect of environmental and internal observation - both immediate and reflective. Her “Streetscapes” capture downtowns that are transformed by uplifting use of color and deep perspectives, while her visionary art implies essence, energy, “the invisible,” as researched in quantum physics.

 ​Born in Connecticut, Fogg has been classically trained. She received her BFA from the Lyme Academy of College of Fine Art and her MFA from the New York Academy of Art. Fogg has received awards such as the John Stobart Fellowship Award, and publications that tell stories about her dedication to observation and her colorist reputation of traveled lands and studies on the mind, body, and spirit.

​Fogg’s studies keep her connected to her communities, as she travels and engages with her home town and other parts of the world. Fogg show cases her work in various buildings, organizations and will take the lead in building exclusive shows New York City and Connecticut.

All in all, Fogg’s many bodies of work, from plein-air to figurative painting, represents Fogg’s versatility and acts as limbs to a larger artistic being - each series outwardly portrays intimate healing and personal experiences.

Artist’s Statement

There is an on-going process in awakening. It is a spiritual progression, along side a physical change that is transforming the cells within our body. Taking place during the reorganization of cells are my drawings, completed with ink, markers and paint, that exemplify the storm of moving cells before they settle into place taking on a new pattern. As for a human being it is like taking on a new feeling and becoming a new person.

This internal journey can be joyous or traumatic. For me, it was the loss of my mother. My automatic release was filled with sadness, anger, confusion, frustration, and enormous dark waves of tears crashed through with marks full of various lines and strokes that released what will no longer be. And my body went into a depression, experiencing a long progression of fatigue, lack of motivation, and feeling helpless.

Through lines I was letting go and embracing the process of reorganization. I began to capture a rhythm of waves, lines going up and down, along with swirls and zig zags that have become one with my mechanical tool, the arm. In depicting this force of change, attached to the tool, is a dance of reflections that are full of memories and emotions that rely on time to organize themselves to settle into an image just like our cells.

What comes to the surface is a process called transmogrification, a continuous rebirth, where a change happens and what comes into existence is beyond what existed before.

Am I answering this?
What is happening
When does it happen
How am I making
Why am I making it