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Published on July 13, 2021

Yasaman Moussavi

Intervals, site specific installation, image courtesy of the artist

“Intervals” reflects my interest in investigating the sense of space, which is fleeting and veiled, through the exploration of architectonic and linguistic structures. The two primary sources of inspiration in this series are the traditional central courtyard of Persian domestic architecture –as a site of spatial and social interactions–and family epistolary communications–as a means of emotional and social exchange between family members in and far away from home. Central courtyards served as a threshold space in the heart of the private domestic spaces that facilitated public interactions. Epistolary communications, at the same time, were written procedures that transmitted the interiority of the self to the exterior world. In my work, these sources of inspiration meet while I put together fragments of family epistolary communications and shaped dyed pulp paper to create a sense of space.

My artwork has evolved around paper, a material that hosts the inscribed words and allows for the expression of sentiments and memories. However, in my work, paper ceases to be a bare surface of inscription, and rather performs as a pre-textual structure (construct) that translates the written ephemeral senses into an impression of a physical space. - Yasaman Moussavi

Yasaman Moussavi is a visual artist and art instructor. She holds an MFA with two emphases on Painting and Printmaking from Texas Tech University, where she explored and developed her skills in papermaking, printmaking, and installation art.