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Published on March 22, 2021

Mark Lefkowitz

Fertilization, 8.5 x 6.5 inches, Photoshop digital painting.

“As a certified medical illustrator, I approach the development and creation of each illustration or animation project with substantial forethought and technical planning. Precision is essential from the preliminary planning stages through execution and completion of a project. At each step, precision is essential: be it extensive discussion with clients about the focus of their project; subject matter research; creation of preliminary drafts and refined concept images; and, ultimately, final execution of the images, models or animation.”

“Precision in my work varies according to need. Being accurate, observing details, knowing what is essential are all aspects of precision. My work tends to be more interpretive than for documentation. For a scientific work it would be attention to every last detail since an error can make it a different species and expert scientific collaboration is needed as well as specimens to understand the morphology. Googling images can lead one astray and common names can be attributed to many different species! For an informational kiosk it might not need every last hair but needs to be the correct species and accurately drawn in correct habitat so that it is identifiable, as in the Oak Pine Forest Flora. All of these species may not be seen so close together, but all are in this habitat. An illustration can select details, expand them, combine them, show more than a photo where often shadows obscure detail. Precision depends on the goal and degree varies by project. Art and science are intertwined, one helping the other.” Mark Lefkowitz, 2021