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Published on March 22, 2021

Gary Raham

Mother Tree Forest, acrylic on canvas board, 24 x 18 inches

“Scientific illustration presents unique challenges. An artist must create work that results in an 'Oh, my!' moment for the observer, but also an 'Oh, I see!' moment of clarity and realization. In my case, scientific illustration presents the satisfying challenge of using my left brain to get all the scientific details correct and my right brain to come up with a new and satisfying way to have the observer say, 'Oh, my. Now I see what is happening clearly. And it’s beautiful!' Illustrating science fiction in ways that do not violate science fact—as we understand it at the time the work is created—presents an additional challenge: Ignite a sense of wonder in the viewer that hints at possible futures within their power to deny, fully realize, or contemplate for the very first time.” Gary Raham

Gary Raham is an author and illustrator, loves to bring science alive — especially paleontology — through his writing and illustrating work. He has written (and in some cases illustrated) 17 titles of science fact and/or science fiction. He serves as assistant editor for Trilobite Tales, the newsletter of the Western Interior Paleontological Society.