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Published on July 13, 2021

Azadeh Hussaini

Shelter, paper, 2020, variable dimensions, image courtesy of the artist

In my daily artistic practice, I study the stories of immigrants and refugees, the conditions of slums and prisons, and generally any places that human beings live that are out of sight. The difference between having a home and a place to live/survive is my main concern. My inspiration is rooted in my own life; the relationship between nature, people, and culture, drawn from my personal experience, as well as my observations of society at large.

My thirst as an artist is to seek the similarities and common desires of humans regardless of race, culture, gender or any other subcategories and utilize all the possibilities to establish a common visual conversation with viewers.

I capture the sound and silence of my emotional experience, and my creations are deeply imbued with these reverberations from observing other’s life stories. My resultant work is done as an abstract visualization, inspired by repetitive forms in nature, that implies and acts upon the patterns seen in social behavior and relationships. - Azadeh Hussaini


Azadeh Hussaini is a Chicago-based Iranian-American visual artist. She was born in the U.S. and moved to Iran as a child, where she spent her formative years. She subsequently returned to the U.S. to obtain a masters in Fine Arts. Her work embodies her emotional responses to her own experiences, while concurrently exploring the basic primordial desires within the human condition. Hussaini aspires to discover commonalities among us while providing forums for social discussion and assertiveness. Azadeh’s art has been displayed in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the United States and internationally. She is also an educator, a co-founder of Didaar Art Collective, a Chicago based Iranian Artists community, curator and board member at Theatre-Y, a Chicago-based theater company, and Art Gallery Advisory Board at Lewis University.