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Published on June 05, 2020

Rebecca Moran

Rebecca Moran

“With a MFA Visual Art from The Art Institute of Boston, MS in Art Education and a BFA in Oil Painting, Rebecca Moran is a professor of Digital Art and Design and Fine Art at Eastern Connecticut State University and the University of Connecticut, respectively.  She exhibits and sells paintings and is owner of Spring Hill Studio, LLC  a small progressive design studio located half way between Boston and New York.

When not working with clients in Graphic Design, she explores painting and the border between abstraction and representation. In the break down of form, visual recognition subsides and, abstraction emerges. Abstract images furnish us with direct experience, a direct line to emotion and ties to the landscape. The paintings show emotion and feeling and evoke human form. She considers the landscape as our macro body, it is us and we are it. Therefore painting the landscape is a metaphor for our physical, emotional and spiritual selves.

She paints new ground, not what already exists. Abstract landscape painting for her is a form of contemplative environmentalism. It is an attempt to awaken feelings of reverence and awe for the landscape and bring attention to what we may be losing. “ - Rebecca Moran