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Published on June 05, 2020

Qimin Liu

Qimin Liu

Calligraphy Impression #1_Qishi Underneath Size: 50 X 73 Inches Medium: Oil on canvas Date: 2020

“My artistic mind is dancing between the line, shape, color, texture with a content. Educated in both China and America, I am fascinated by all great western and eastern paintings in history from time to time. I often find myself reflecting upon my painting and drawing projects in the context of historical reference and contemporary elements, and especially interested research different individual techniques and skills, as well as involving with variety of different materials. For the past 30 years I was on a journey to try find my own visual identity which was meaningful to me. Recently I was most influenced by the philosophical aspect of Chinese traditional calligraphy with inner meditation and the manner of free spirit of American Abstract Expressionism. Furthermore, I also try to attempt mixing in Impressionism, a way of interpreting color, as well as reflecting in my personal and social concern in subject matter. In particular,  my aesthetic practice is way to explore and embraces my cultural roots and the free spirits of expression.” –Qimin Liu.

Professor Qimin Liu, born in Heilongjiang Province, China, received a Teaching Certificate from Haerbin Normal University (1985), Bachelor of Fine Arts from Institute of Chinese Traditional Drama (1991), major in stage design. Master of Arts from Iowa State University (1997), Major in Painting/Drawing/Printmaking and Master of Fine Arts from Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (1999) Area of Painting. Liu served as an Adjunct Professor at Philadelphia University (Spring 2000). He started teaching painting and drawing in the Fine Art Department of Eastern Connecticut State University, since the fall of 2000, and now the Art and Art History Department, mainly focus teaching on painting and drawing.