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Published on June 05, 2020

James Gabianelli

James Gabianelli

Image Caption: 1963 Lincoln Continental, 2017, 13" x 16"  acrylic on Masonite board

“When I encounter my subjects, there is a child-like attraction beyond the aesthetics. I can get lost in the mechanics and craftsmanship of them for hours. I will ask myself questions like… How did this come to be? What was the thought behind its design? What connection to art might its creator have in mind? My process incorporates the rich stories that are learned about them from their owners and/or caretakers. Typically, I meet my “models” in daily life or gatherings and the relationship begins. My art is a response to an appreciation for each of the pieces of machinery. I feel it is my job as the artist to inspire the same curiosity in the viewer as I have, while at the same time paying homage to the machine."  - James Gabianelli

Jim Gabianelli is a Connecticut based artist/illustrator who has been focused on motorcycles, cars, trucks and heavy equipment his entire life. Upon entrance into Eastern Connecticut State University, Jim began his undergraduate studies as an Environmental Earth Science major. After a change of major to Studio Art, Jim knew what he must do, there was no alternative…he had to make and teach art. After receiving his undergraduate degree, Jim purchased a motorcycle which then became the hub for his machine-based art. His art shifted from landscapes and figures to motorcycles and cars. He went onto finish graduate school at Western Connecticut State University with a degree in illustration. Jim now happily teaches at Eastern Connecticut State University as an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Art and Art History. In recent years, his art has been part of several gallery exhibitions throughout New England. Jim actively makes commissioned based art /illustrations for companies, car collectors and enthusiasts. His works can be found in private collections all over the United States.