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Published on February 14, 2020

Eastern's Art Gallery is excited to announce our next exhibition

The artists Karen Azoulay, Keke Brown, Yo-Yo Lin, Ayoung Yu interpret their personal histories and longing for home utilizing a wide array of media. They use intelligent projection/ lighting, digital and hand-drawn media, interactive objects, and lush sound design to create meditative memoryscapes. Their work explores human perception and connection as a vehicle for self-knowledge.

Yo-Yo Lin presents, The Walls of My Room are Curved, a movement-generated sonic performance of the body living with a connective tissue disorder. Keke Brown's installation, A Traveling Practice, connects her native Samoan design principles and ancestral knowledge to the layout of a computer keyboard. Ayoung Yu creates videos and sculptural installations that draw inspiration from Korean folk traditions and spiritual practices rooted in pre-Buddhist shamanic religions. In Azoulay’s mesmerizing video art, the artist and her collaborators don gem-encrusted masks and eat flowers. There is something raw and hypnotic about these works making the exhibition New Exploration in Mediascapes and Memoryscapes into a perfect addition to the 2019-2020 academic year’s curatorial program at Eastern.