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Published on October 14, 2020

Blanka Amezkua, Pedro de La Rosa

Intrigued by the embedded history, tradition, and ancestral knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation, Amezkua views the work of artisans as a reminder of what still exists but is often not valued as it should. She finds strength in their creative force and infinite lessons rooted in the actions of their assiduous working hands. Amezkua has collaborated with artisans from her native country, Mexico, in order to connect with her ancestry and so that the traditions of her ancestors physically fill and form her bodily representations.

For this particular collaboration, Amezkua invited Pedro de la Rosa, Julio de la Rosa, and Mario de la Rosa, artisans from the Mexican state of Guerrero, to create their legendary amate (bark paper) paintings. All of the artisans were asked to elaborate their working style inside silhouette forms of the artist’s body.

Pedro de La Rosa - Untitled (silhouette with skirt) Acrylic on amate (bark) paper 15.5 x 23 in