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Published on June 05, 2020

Karen Bartone

Karen Bartone

“Nature dominates the picture plane in this series of paintings titled Pondering by artist Karen Bartone. At the same time, vulnerable fragments of hand-built subjects exist in this work as a symbol of her hope for a bright future for humankind.

Answers are as varied as those who seek them when questions emerge. Is this a day that is beginning or ending, is the painting a circle or a sphere? Is a circular symbol modern or ancient? Is this work fracturing, or is it being mended? Is there something lost here, or is a more profound connection found?

Time revolves around patterns in nature, the changing landscape of the world, and a sphere of space as day turns to night, and dark returns to the light. Perspective is bent to the will of the format, freeing these images from expectations, and granting a fresh understanding of tradition. Fractured elements of colors and shapes are stitched together with each mark to create woven tapestries of precious paint. These blankets of quilted, knitted, and knotted color bring harmony to twisting turning nature and serenity to change, offering each viewer a compassionate embrace.” – Karen Bartone

Painter Karen Bartone earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting from Western Connecticut State University, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from Northern Vermont University. She is the recipient of several formative art awards and honors, including a 2016 Professional Development Research Grant from the American Association of University Professors. Her paintings are on view in the foundation art collections at Three Rivers Community College, Eastern Connecticut State University, Western Connecticut State University, and the North East Sustainable Energy Association.

Karen Bartone is in her tenth year of academic appointment as a part-time instructor in the Connecticut higher education system. She teaches studio art courses at Eastern Connecticut State University and art history courses at Three Rivers Community College.