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Published on May 18, 2020

Be the Artwork or Make it Yourself

Queen of the Rose Gardens

Queen of the Rose Gardens

Queen of the Rose Gardens
Acrylic on wood
12 in.

May 2020

When I was a little girl my grandma used to babysit my brother and me while my parents were at work. Her front yard had a garden with beautiful rose bushes where I felt like I was a princess. She always impressed me with how she took care of her garden. When she didn’t know, I would sneak out through the backdoor to what seemed like magic in her garden. However, after years passed this magic started to slowly disappear. Her garden wasn’t as vibrant and wasn't as full as it used to be because my grandma has dementia. That spark in her personality isn’t there anymore, but the smile represented in this piece still brings me back to who she once was. The roses in the background are what I was surrounded by in her front yard, something that she gave her all to, and made her happy. This piece was influenced by two works of Eastern’s permanent art collection. I was inspired by Sasha Ovchinnikova’s Queen of the Poppies by integrating flowers into the background of my work. I also chose to use a circular canvas as it was influenced by Professor Karen Bartone’s circular wooden surfaces. 

Amanda Ouk

Karen Bartone
by Karen Bartone