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Academic Misconduct

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The Eastern Academic Misconduct Policy was created to provide a mechanism for dealing with cases of academic misconduct involving plagiarism and/or academic cheating of any kind. The Academic Misconduct Policy is outlined in the Student Handbook and on this page under Policies & Definitions. The process for handling misconduct cases is also outlined in the Student Handbook and is detailed on this page under Procedures.

Faculty Actions to File a Misconduct Report

When a faculty member wishes to file an academic misconduct case, they should begin by meeting with the student. Remember that the policy is designed to be educational as much as punitive.

During that meeting, there are several things that need to be accomplished:

  1. Explain the charges they are filing and inform the student of the sanctions imposed as a result of the misconduct.
  2. Determine if the student acknowledges a violation of the Academic Misconduct Policy.
  3. Ascertain if the student wishes to appeal the finding of misconduct.

After meeting with the student, the faculty member will complete the Misconduct Report form. Please remember to attach the course syllabus and any pertinent evidence clearly indicating the alleged academic misconduct (highlights, screenshots, etc) to the misconduct report form. Next the faculty member will be contacted by the Director of Student Conduct to discuss the next steps in the academic misconduct case.

If the faculty member is unable to contact the student or the student is unwilling to meet with them, the faculty member may bypass the step of meeting with the student and forward the Misconduct Report form and any documenting evidence to the Director of Student Conduct.

Any questions can be directed to the Director of Student Conduct at or (860) 465-0405.

Academic Misconduct Policy

Plagiarism: A Guide for Eastern Students and Faculty

Academic Misconduct Committee

Interim Director of Student Conduct:
Christopher Ambrosio
Wood Support Services Center, Rm. 207
(860) 465-0405