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Eastern named a 2023-24 ‘College of Distinction’

Colleges of Distinction 2023-24Colleges of Distinction advocates for schools whose undergraduate experiences are grounded in a philosophy of well-rounded, individualized engagement. Eastern Connecticut State University has excelled at having students graduate and enter the workforce with solid, well-developed critical thinking skills as well as the ability to adapt in an ever-changing society.

Now, more than ever, it’s important for those entering the job market to have the kind of experiential education offered in the Business, Education and other programs at Eastern Connecticut State University.

Already honored as a College of Distinction for its high-impact approach to education, Eastern also has received specialized recognition for its Business programs. This additional accolade was borne out of a need for college curricula that are comprehensive not only in course material, but also in practical- and soft-skills development. Eastern has met these needs with a blend of liberal arts education, program-specific training, and abundant opportunities for real-world application.

“We complete a thorough review of the programs in question before giving the awards,” said Tyson Schritter, chief operating officer for Colleges of Distinction. “We’re looking for such qualities as accreditation, breadth of program, advising and mentoring, integration of career services, and successful outcomes for students. It’s wonderful to see how Eastern really exemplifies these qualities.”

Colleges of Distinction 2023-24 - Public Colleges of Distinction 2023-24 - Education Colleges of Distinction 2023-24 - Business

Founded in 2000, Colleges of Distinction has advocated for schools whose undergraduate experiences are grounded in a philosophy of engagement, teaching, community, and outcomes. This philosophy has evolved over the last few years to inspire the team at Colleges of Distinction to create individual recognitions that focus on institutions’ specialized services for students.

Eastern has also received recognition for its programs in Career Development, Equity and Inclusion and Military Support.

Career Development:

Colleges of Distinction 2023-24 - Career DevelopmentFew questions are going to on students’ minds more often than some version of “What am I going to do after graduation?” Schools awarded the Career Development badge have shown that they are well equipped to help their students graduate with confidence. The badge recognizes schools with comprehensive four-year plans, advising and more.

“The Career Development recognition goes beyond a job board and résumé writing,” said Tyson Schritter. “Eastern has shown inventiveness in connecting with students throughout their academic careers and beyond. Students and graduates are fully supported by Eastern’s outstanding Career Center.”

Military Support:

Colleges of Distinction 2023-24 - Military SupportAs the number of veterans pursuing higher education increases, so too does the demand for their personal and academic support. Veterans can be some of the most dedicated, hard-working, and capable students on a college campus, but the unique challenges they face can impede their success. That is why Eastern has been selected as a stand-out institution dedicated to helping veterans overcome their obstacles and achieve success.

The Military Support Colleges of Distinction care about the individual student rather than the size of their GI Bill® package. Schools like Eastern ensure that military students are supported through comprehensive education benefits, a committed military and veterans affairs team, flexible options, trained faculty, and dedicated campus activities and community support.

“Institutions with the Military Support recognition are aware of the unique challenges military students face on college campuses,” said Tyson Schritter. “Eastern is proud to support and cultivate the skills that military students bring to the classroom, all while helping them achieve their personal and professional goals.”

Equity and Inclusion:

Colleges of Distinction 2023-24 - Equity and InclusionEastern has distinguished itself as a community dedicated to equal opportunity for all students, faculty and staff. As an Equity and Inclusion College of Distinction, Eastern understands that inclusion is just as important as diversity, ensuring that all students are given equal opportunity to thrive academically, personally and professionally.

Eastern educates its faculty and staff so that they can treat students fairly and with a conscious acknowledgment of their needs. Along with its welcoming community, Eastern exceeds expectations from a student’s recruitment, throughout school, and beyond the completion of their degree.

“Eastern has created a welcoming environment for underserved students,” said Tyson Schritter. “It’s a tremendous opportunity to highlight the noteworthy support offered for students who might not otherwise study and thrive on a college campus.”

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by the VA is available a the official U.S. Government website at