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Published on August 26, 2020

Matches Made at Eastern

Eric and Sarah Grundfast 

Eric ’08 and Sarah (Barber) ’08 Grundfast


It all started in early January 2007 when Eric returned to campus a few weeks early to work at his on-campus job in the Athletics Department. Sarah had just returned from the swimming team’s annual trip to Florida, where they train, bond as a team and enjoy some nicer weather before the tough stretch of the season.

Eric chose to work in Sarah’s lane that day — he had had his eye on her since earlier in the year, when several requests for a date had been declined. As always, Sarah competed well and won several events. After the meet Eric approached Sarah to ask her on a date once again — she accepted!

Five years later Sarah and Eric tied the knot in North  Kingstown, RI, on May 19, 2012, surrounded by family and friends from Eastern, including Brian Glamuzina (usher),  Matt Savage, Kevin St. Pierre, Matt Ramsey,  Sarah Dombrowski, Meredith Hoskins and Elizabeth Carlson (bridesmaid), Mandi Brooks (Levin), Amy Golas (swim coach), Maureen Fahey (swim coach) and Bill Hassell (swim coach). Eric and Sarah settled down in West Des Moines, IA, and have resided there for the past seven years. Eric is currently the vice president of sales for the Iowa Wild, an American Hockey league affiliate of the Minnesota Wild. Sarah works at Principal Financial Group as a production specialist.

Kevin ’10 and Casey (Mugavero) ’10 Harris

Kevin and Casey Harris 

Casey Mugavero spent her junior year at Eastern living in Niejadlik Hall. One fall day she was at a field hockey game when a mutual friend introduced her to Kevin Harris, who was a resident assistant on another floor in Niejadlik. Kevin began stopping by to check on Casey and her roommates when he was on duty. “I knew she had a boyfriend, but she seemed really nice, and there wasn’t any harm in stopping by every now and then to say hi.”

Casey thought Kevin liked her roommate! “My roommate was usually the one who answered the door when he’d come knocking, or he’d stop by when I wasn’t in the room, and I guess they tended to talk more.” One day Casey was sick, so she called Kevin and asked if he could come over to check on her. Kevin jumped at the chance. “Sure, I’ll be glad to skip class and hang out with you!”

Harris family “We started hanging out together more as friends,” said Casey. “I had broken up with my boyfriend, and Kevin was always there to talk to or to lean on.”

Junior year ended and since their families lived just two towns apart (Clinton and Deep River, CT), Casey and Kevin continued to spend time together over the summer. By the start of senior year, they were dating. “None of our friends were surprised,” said Kevin. “In fact, they wondered why it took us so long, since we were always together anyway!” Kevin earned his B.S. in Business Administration and is now a financial advisor for Edward Jones. Casey earned a B.A. in Music and a B.S. in Elementary Education and became a special education teacher in Clinton after receiving her master’s degree. They married in 2014 and visited nine countries on their honeymoon!

Casey gave birth to their daughter in 2018 and their son in March 2020 but that’s not going to slow them down. Their daughter has already been to Alaska, Hawaii and the top of Mount Washington, all before turning three! “Kevin is still the adventurous one. Even though I’m shyer, I trust him to know that whatever we’re going to do next, it’s going to be positive and it’s going to be fun!”