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Brian Day - Assistant Professor of Film, Communication, Film and Theatre

M.F.A., University of New Orleans


Brian Day

How did you end up at Eastern?

“I came to Eastern to help develop filmmaking courses and a filmmaking program.  I was excited about Eastern’s liberal arts mission and I was amazed by the facilities. I had taught at universities in Los Angeles, Georgia, Michigan and Nashville, TN.  I was able to bring my previous experience with developing programs and courses to Eastern. I have found that there are many students at Eastern and in Connecticut who are interested in learning filmmaking and there wasn’t a clear program to address this.”

What is your favorite course to teach?

“I actually have several courses I really enjoy teaching. I enjoy teaching filmmaking to students at the beginning and advanced levels and I get the opportunity to do this and watch students grow and develop. I encourage my students to make films that matter, movies that relate to larger stories in society. I also enjoy teaching first-year students in their first semester at Eastern.”

Creative interests?

“My creative work has been pretty dynamic during my four years at Eastern. I have collaborated with professors from the music, English and dance programs to create unique projects. I have written a feature-length script that did well at film festivals and competitions. I created a short film using one of English Professor Daniel Donaghy’s poems. I worked with theatre faculty to turn a stage production into a film event, and I collaborated with professors from the music, English and dance departments to create an experimental documentary film that grew out of a theatrical production that explored erasure.

“Currently I’m working with Professor Kristen Morgan on a documentary series about the history of tobacco farming in Connecticut. I am drawn to the themes of identity, history, representation and equity, and my projects are usually centered on these themes.”

My teaching philosophy is that we are helping each student grow as a person as they are getting an education.

Brian Day and a student adjusting a camera

What do you like most about teaching at Eastern?

“I really find working with students to be very rewarding. I enjoy watching them develop as young adults as they expand their skills and knowledge, which leads to them growing in confidence.”

What is your teaching philosophy?

“My teaching philosophy is that we are helping each student grow as a person as they are getting an education. Students enter college with a limited bubble of understanding and experience. My job is to help them expand that bubble beyond just the coursework so that they are able to see and experience the world and life more broadly and mindfully.”

Memorable moments at Eastern?

“Three moments that stand out really well were more than just moments. They were the creation of unique theatrical productions that combined film and theatre in unique and creative ways. Also, working with a small group of students to create an original episodic production.

Career advice to students?

“I have a theory I call the 3 P’s of working in the entertainment industry. First, be Patient, because the industry is very competitive and sometimes it takes time to get your opportunities. Secondly, be Persistent in pursuing opportunities. Thirdly, be Personable, so when you get an opportunity the people you work with will like you because they will be your network for future opportunities.

Life advice to graduates

“My advice to students for life after college is to maintain a positive attitude and an open mind. Sometimes we pay more attention to the bad news and the negativity that surrounds us. As liberally educated persons, Eastern graduates will be positioned to handle adversity and negativity with poise and a clear sense of purpose. Be wise and curious and apply the knowledge and skills from your Eastern degree to improve your conditions and those of others.”

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Professor Day, you teach your class well. You are passionate of what you speak on and you give good assignments to help us learn. Further, you're very understanding for missed classes.
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