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Anthony Aidoo - Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Ph.D., University of Vermont


Anthony Aidoo

Anthony Aidoo, professor of mathematics, has performed extensive research on medical imaging, epidemiological modeling and ACh-AChE analysis. After his undergraduate studies at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, he continued his education at the University of Vermont with a focus on mathematical biology and physiology. Prior to graduate school, his primary focus of study was pure mathematics. It wasn’t until his first year in graduate school at the University of Vermont that he decided to study mathematical biology and physiology. “Just one presentation by a professor from the University of Vermont in 1995 was enough to convince me to study mathematical biology and physiology.”

How did you end up at Eastern?

“I was looking for a small liberal arts focused university. Eastern matched all my expectations perfectly. Transitioning from the University of Vermont to Eastern was quite smooth.”

Favorite Course to Teach

“Real Analysis I, the capstone course of the Mathematics major, is by far my favorite class to teach. It gives students the opportunity to apply what they have studied in various mathematics classes in learning how to prove theorems.”

My Research Focus

“My research is in Mathematical Biology and Real Analysis. It includes topics such as Campus Drinking, Modelling Acetylcholine Channel and Application of Mathematical Morphology to Medical Image Processing. The quality of my research and its impact on the scholarly community are evidenced by invitations and acceptance to present at international conferences. (Professor Aidoo has presented at conferences in Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Canada, Argentina, China, Ghana and Italy.)

“I have collaborated with two faculty members of my department. In addition, I have worked with researchers at the University of Saint Joseph in Hartford, CT, Pennsylvania State University, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi (KNUST), Ghana, and researchers from The University of Ghana, Legon (UG).”

‘Mathematics can be studied, applied and enjoyed by all.’ This has been the premise I have always operated on as a teacher.

Anthony Aidoo consulting with a student during class

What do I like most about teaching at Eastern?

“The most rewarding thing about teaching mathematics at Eastern is knowing that I have the support of my colleagues and my academic department to prepare graduating students who advance in life because of mathematics.”

Teaching philosophy

“‘Mathematics can be studied, applied and enjoyed by all.’ This has been the premise I have always operated on as a teacher. I challenge myself to prove this to my students. For me, all my students are ready to learn, so I try as much as possible to understand their individual needs and address them so that learning will always be an exciting experience.

“My goal as a teacher is to challenge students to work harder and achieve more than they may think is possible by creating an enabling environment in my classroom. I strive to meet the needs of all students by adopting proactive measures reflecting changes in my professional environment. I understand that well motivated students spend more time and energy in their studies for positive results.

“It is my philosophy to turn my classroom into a place where students will be motivated to explore, learn and apply Mathematics. With my background in pure and applied mathematics and mathematical biology, I believe that effective teaching skills can be developed and personalized to the benefit of all whom I teach and that I can assist my students to experience the world of mathematics more richly, beyond the world of textbooks theories and inert facts. In the end, I want students’ love for Mathematics to keep growing.”

Advice to Students

“Mathematical and computational analyses have proved to be uniquely insightful for solving a myriad of problems in science, society and our everyday lives. You will be surprised at the number of fields that need mathematicians. Undergraduate mathematics education can be an entryway to rewarding and engaging career opportunities. There is satisfaction and joy in the ability to solve mathematical problems.”