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Jamel Ostwald


Dr. Ostwald is an expert on Early Modern European History, focusing on the age of Louis XIV (17th-18th centuries) in western Europe. He earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in Early Modern European History from The Ohio State University.

Research Interests
  • Early Modern European Military History
  • Digital History
Of Note

Dr. Ostwald is in charge of the History department’s growing Digital History curriculum, offering students the opportunity to conduct digital historical research on a variety of topics

Teaching Interests
  • Early Modern European History
  • History of Religion and War
  • Military History
  • Digital History

Vauban under Siege: Engineering Efficiency and Martial Vigor in the War of the Spanish Succession. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, 2007. Winner of the 2009 Society for Military History Best Book Award in Non-American History

“Creating the British Way of War: English Strategy in the War of the Spanish Succession.” In Successful Strategies: Triumphing in War and Peace from Antiquity to the Present, edited by Williamson Murray and Richard Hart Sinnreich, 100–129. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014

“Marlborough and Siege Warfare.” In Marlborough: Soldier and Diplomat, edited by John B. Hattendorf, Augustus J. Veenendaal, and Rolof van Hovell tot Westerflier, 122–43. Rotterdam: Karwansaray BV, 2012

“Popular English Perceptions of Louis XIV’s Way of War.” In Louis XIV Outside in: Images of the Sun King Beyond France, 1661-1715, edited by Tony Claydon and Charles-Edouard Levillain, 93–110. Surrey, England: Ashgate Publishing, 2015

“The ‘Decisive’ Battle of Ramillies, 1706: Prerequisites for Decisiveness in Early Modern Warfare.” Journal of Military History 64 (2000): 649–77