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Bryan Connolly

Associate Professor

Dr. Connolly is a botanist and horticulturalist. His research interests include rare plants of New England, the nightshade family, the rose family, and Cannabis. Before Eastern, Professor Connolly was a faculty member at Framingham State University in Massachusetts and also worked for the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.

Research Interests
  • Flora of New England
  • Endangered Plant Species
  • Horticulture
  • Cannabis
  • Solanaceae (nightshade family)
  • Rosaceae (rose family)
Of Note
  • 2015-2017- President of the New England Botanical Club (Society)
  • Co-recipient of the Fernald Award for best paper in Rhodora the Journal of the New England Botanical Club (Society) 2018

Brand, M., S. Obae, J. Mahoney, and B. Connolly. 2022. Ploidy, genetic diversity and speciation of the genus Aronia. Scientia Horticulturae 291(3):110604
Brand, M. and B. Connolly. 2021. ‘UCONNPC001’(Darkstar) Purpleleaf Sandcherry. HortScience 56(7):849-850
Connolly, B. and M. Brand. 2021. ‘UCONNPP002’ (Jade Parade®) Sandcherry. HortScience 56 (5): 619-620
Connolly, B., and M. Brand. 2020. Korean Mountain Ash (Sorbus alnifolia, Rosaceae) on Great Blue Hill in Canton, Massachusetts. Rhodora 122: 144-115.
Connolly, B., and K. Boutiette. 2020. A Likely Pyrus× Calleryana× Communis (Rosaceae) Hybrid Found in Connecticut. Rhodora 122: 112-113.
Brand, M., Mahoney, J., Hau,T., and B. Connolly. 2019. Mixed reproductive strategies in the genus Aronia: sexual diploids, apomictic tetraploids, and varied triploids. HortScience 54(4):642-646.