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Thomas Plitsas

"We are going through an unusual time in our lives. Many of our daily routines have been uprooted from the spread of a virus no one asked to receive. Yet we will be tested for many weeks to come. Through our courage, strength and community we shall overcome this trial of humanity that has been laid bare before us. Being the social creatures that humans are, practicing social distancing is a very hard endeavor. By nature, we wish to be around others. We wish to continue our existence unabated, yet this is simply not possible currently. As humans we also have the remarkable power to adjust to any situation. Through distance, we are building a community.  A community that cares for the health and safety of others. Having our education thrown to the wind was no one’s choice, yet we have a unique opportunity to overcome an extra challenge given to us. A challenge that will only make us stronger in the end. While some objectives with our class are no longer possible, new learning opportunities has been given to us. Communication has become more important than ever before. We must keep in contact in order to not only continue learning, but to keep each other informed of each other’s wellbeing.  Online learning teaches us to be self-motivated. It teaches us that communication is key. Only by working together shall we overcome this turbulent time we have been thrusted into. By continuing to focus on what matters most society will emerge stronger than ever from this event.”  

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Thomas Plitsasa
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