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John Graham

john_graham_poster.jpg"My name is John Graham, and this is my work in response to the recent quarantine season. These recent times have brought us all into ourselves and called us to come to a common understanding of what to do. Stay home and keep clean. As all of us know there are some who turn to panic behaviors, and my artwork is a parody on this. 

As a national quarantine appeared to be clearly in the future some people went out to purchase the essentials. Around the country consumers bought masks, gloves, and even cleaned the stores of toilet paper oddly enough. One of the items that went out of stock quickly was hand sanitizer for obvious reasons. I had always taken for granted the ability to apply sanitizer whenever I wanted while working in the office. Of course, the better alternative to using sanitizer is washing your hands with warm water.

The true humor of the circumstance I think is that some of the people who cleared out the shelves later went on the Internet to sell the products at a price markup. This is a rather scummy thing to do in my opinion, especially during a crisis situation. As someone who knows and is in contact with health workers, I hear them tell stories and talk about all the great things that are also happening. I believe that there are a lot of reasons to be hopeful about what the future holds."

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