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Jack VanRooyen

ecsu-covid-poster8h.jpg"I’m Jack VanRooyen and this is my artwork. To me, it was all about awareness to the people who can protect themselves and their loved ones from this pandemic. I know this because my father is an emergency medicine doctor and he is risking his life every day with his colleagues to save many people from dying. My inspiration for this poster came from using American propaganda posters from World War II, although it’s not cartoon art. My original plan was to have a digital comic version of everyone running away from the Coronavirus ball. But I felt that a real picture would have more of an impact on the people and also on other artists.

I did not know where to begin with this idea, until one rainy morning at home. I looked out my window and it was pouring, and the idea came to me to create a rainstorm of the coronavirus. With the image I made, the message that went with the artwork had to be important to me. As a graphic designer, the message is very important to how I present my work. In the spring of 2019, I had designed a poster on social issues that were affecting our country. Out of the numerous choices we are dealing with in our country, I had chosen Gun Violence. When designing the poster, I had to communicate what I feel has to be shared to the people who admire my work. Whatever it is, if it requires listing facts or writing powerful words and making them big, it’s what I put up on the computer screen. In the time we live in now, we all need to have something positive in our lives. Together, we as a country have to put all our problems aside and focus on what we need to do right now."

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decorative edge