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Kalista Hainsworth

Empowerment to Fight Isolation

A world that has never been more complex,
Forced to come to an unforeseeable halt.

Like a New York City traffic intersection held at four red lights
That haven’t been green in weeks.
Drivers with hands gripped tight on the wheel are eager to resume their bustling nature,
But knowledge that any move they make
May trigger a terrible chain reaction of crashes
Keeps them in place.
So, they remain stuck,
Looking up every other second to see if the light has changed yet.

This has never happened before.
Our way of life was not designed to withstand this.

A world that has never been more advanced,
Forced to use its technology to the best of its ability to maintain some level of humanity.

A world full of seven billion people that have never been more connected,
Forced to look within themselves,
At the people around themselves,
At the world around themselves,
Are told that if they like what they see,
And want save what they see,
Their only option is to avoid all of it.

Yet, there was no better time for this to happen.
No era before could have managed to
Continue education,
Connect relationships virtually,
Send information in an instant,
And rely on the people to maintain hope so effectively.

Even though a New York City intersection has never been stopped for this long,
It is our endearing human nature at core that drives us to stay still.

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