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Olivia Jenkins, "Missing"

Missing person reports are either not filed, or simply thrown away due to the lack of media coverage and empathy surrounding women of color.

Many of these women should look real and familiar, and that familiarity should bring awareness.

All of the women portrayed are not actually a part of the 64,000 black women missing today, but what if they were?

The subjects of my portraits are black women ranging from ages 4-74 who agreed to be drawn and a part of this message.

Black women are forgotten and “missing” from areas of work such as television, movies, art, business, and medicine.

As a black woman, I do not feel as though those who look like me are represented as often as they should be.

Many of the women shown are the same people who sit next to you in class or work alongside you in the office.

Would you notice if they went missing?

Based on the idea that black women in America often go missing due to trafficing, kidnappings, etc.
Faculty Mentor: Afarin Rahmanifar
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