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Jeffrey Ian Robert Messer - Assistant Professor, Health Sciences and Nursing

Ph.D., Arizona State University


Jeffrey Ian Robert MesserWhy did you come to Eastern?

“I was strongly motivated to join the Eastern Connecticut State University community immediately prior to the 2022–23 academic year. In particular, I have been privileged to join and serve the University’s Department of Health Sciences and Nursing. The department is vibrant and growing, the department staff and faculty are wonderful educators and colleagues, and the department mission, vision and values are robustly, relentlessly student-centered. As I predicted when I accepted the exciting opportunity to join the Eastern community, I have been profoundly fortunate to serve and collaborate with an amazing group of health science students and majors. Both the University and the department are exceptional.”

What is your favorite course to teach?

“My favorite class is our Exercise Physiology class and the companion laboratory class. They offer a unique opportunity to synergistically explore foundational physiology, to extrapolate that exploration to physical activity/exercise, and to infuse a rigorous, evidence-based approach into the teaching and learning endeavor.”

Research interests?

“I have begun to pursue dual research foci; one focus is formally referred to as eccentric muscle action and training, and the second focus is referred to as high-intensity interval training. I complement those research interests with a strong, ongoing commitment to coaching endurance athletes. That coaching commitment extends, for example, from coaching a 17-year-old who has an opportunity to run a four-minute mile to a 70-year-old who aspires to run a sub-five-hour marathon.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at Eastern?

“The most rewarding aspect of teaching at Eastern is the incredible students who constitute the health sciences and nursing majors. I am continuously inspired and empowered by their individual and collective commitments to continuous improvement and constant intellectual growth.”

I have been profoundly fortunate to serve and collaborate with an amazing group of health science students and majors. Both the University and the department are exceptional.

Jeffrey Ian Robert Messer giving a presentation

What is your teaching philosophy?

“Relationships before rigor. Grace before grades. Patience before programs. Love before lessons.”

Memorable moments at Eastern?

“My first Eastern commencement was incredibly memorable. Watching wonderful young learners validate multiple semesters and years of rigorous academic endeavor through a memorable celebration of their undergraduate journey is an indelible, lasting and uplifting experience.”

Career advice to students

“Explore a breadth of courses, undertake one or more internships, and commit to aggressive networking in order to establish a foundation for prescient career counsel, edifying mentorship, continuous learning and challenging, engaging career opportunities.”

Life advice to graduates

“Every challenge is a unique opportunity. Bring a relentless positivity to all your pursuits. That combination of relentlessness and positivity will inevitably serve the transition from student to career professional in addition to enhancing both personal and professional pursuits.”

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I appreciate how student centered your class is and your ability to exhibit how much you appreciate all students. These qualities make me want to work hard and truly learn content for my benefit.
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