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  • Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence Response Team

    Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence Response Team

    Eastern Connecticut State University’s Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence Response Team provides a proactive and victim-centered response to issues of sexual assault on campus and is available to help anyone who reports a violation of the sexual assault policy. The Team can provide crisis intervention, assessment, direct support, and referral for the victim and the accused.

    Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence Response Team

  • Uncommon people: Digital technology and the struggle for community

    January 25, 2017
    3-4 p.m.
    Student Center Theatre


    All are welcome!!!

    Jessa Lingel is a social scientist and digital activist who studies the use of digital technologies in eclectic counterculture communities, including body modification enthusiasts, New Jersey’s punk music scene, and Brooklyn’s booming drag community. This talk examines the capacity of digital technologies to support countercultural communities, with the goal of exposing the multi-faceted nature of online life and the wider implications of how internet technologies are reshaping social interactions.

  • Earn Credit Writing Abroad in Florence, Italy

    ENG 372: Creative Writing Abroad
    Fiction Writing Workshop

    June 22-July 29, 2017
    Total Cost: $3,995
    (Scholarship opportunities available)

    For More Information Contact:
    Dr. Christopher Torockio

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  • Research Study

    Are you interested in receiving a $15 Amazon gift card or extra credit in a psychology class?  Then sign up to participate in a research study here at Eastern! Help us investigate how people learn lists of word pairs!

    Participate in a study run by the Eastern Connecticut State University Psychology Department and earn a $15.00 Amazon gift card or extra credit in a psychology class (4 credits)! The study will involve completing one online survey and one in-person session.  The study will take about 2 hours of your time.

    Anyone 18 years old or older.

    How can I participate?
    Send an e-mail to and a member of the study team will get back to you.

    Faculty mentor: Jenna Scisco, PhD. Contact at

  • Barcelona & Madrid: Spain – Spring 2017


    Widen your perspective on business, marketing, and culture in Barcelona  and Madrid, Spain!

    Seminar in International Business (3 credits)
    Study Tour: May 18 – 31, 2017
    Approximate cost: $3,750 (excludes tuition cost)

    Professor Emiliano


    Business Administration Department
    Webb Hall Rm. 444

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  • Israel & Jordan 2017: A Journey to the Middle East

    Visit the historic city of Jerusalem—a holy city to the world’s three largest monotheistic religions. Spend the night in a Bedouin desert camp in Jordan after a visit to Petra! Visit a Palestinian refugee camp near the city of Bethlehem. Experience the modern city of Tel Aviv and enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Climb to the top of Masada and float in the Dead Sea. Visit the ancient Roman ruins of Acre in Israel and Jerash in Jordan. Visit Yad Vashem—the Israeli Holocaust Memorial.


    Spring Break 2017
    March 11-19, 2017

    HIS 470 & HIS 471
    HIS 470 – 1 Credit
    His 471 – 3 Credit
    Cost of trip: $4,500

    Contact Information
    Professor Carenen
    (860) 465-0533

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  • Vicki Soto Memorial Fund

    Victoria Leigh Soto Memorial Fund

  • Tell Somebody

    Concerned about a student? Tell Somebody.
    Report incidents or troublesome behavior by visiting
    For emergencies, call 911.

  • Eastern & Merit

    Eastern Student Achievement Merit Badges

    Eastern Connecticut State University wants to make sure that students are recognized for their accomplishments. The University uses a web-based platform called “Merit” to publicize your accomplishments—making the dean’s list, completing a study abroad program, conducting student research, playing on a successful athletic team, or winning a scholarship, for example. This platform allows us to send news items about your achievements to your hometown newspapers, and also publishes them on the web.
    For more information, visit University Relations Merit Pages.

  • New Weather Closing Policy

    In the event of a delayed opening of the University, any class that would have at least 45 minutes of meeting time remaining after the announced opening time will meet starting at the announced opening time. Any class meeting that would have fewer than 45 minutes of meeting time after the announced opening time will not meet. For example, with a 10 a.m. opening, classes running from 9:30-10:45 would meet from 10-10:45 a.m.

    In the event of an early closing of the University, any class that would have at least 45 minutes of meeting time prior to the announced closing time will meet until the announced closing time. Any class meeting that would have fewer than 45 minutes of meeting time before the announced closing time will not meet. For example, with a 3 p.m. closing, classes running from 2-3:15 p.m. would meet from 2-3 p.m.

  • Sharing Online Songs, Videos and Documents

    The U.S. Department of Education has issued new regulations regarding the distribution of copyrighted materials such as songs, games and videos through uploads and downloads over computer networks. The regulations are focused on combating the unauthorized, illegal distribution of copyrighted materials via Peer-2-Peer file sharing networks. Higher education institutions are now required to develop and implement plans to deter the unauthorized sharing and distribution of copyrighted materials.

    The information in these Articles and FAQ sections detail elements of ECSU’s plan including:

    • Information about legal and illegal methods of sharing copyrighted materials
    • The significant penalties associated with copyright violations
    • Statutory fines within a range of $750.00 – $150,000.00 per infringement.
    • Possible University sanctions: any of the following or any combination of the following: expulsion, suspension, disciplinary probation, disciplinary warning, residence hall separation, residence hall probation and residence hall warning.


    How you will be identified if your computer is used to illegally share copyrighted materials: You are not anonymous on the network.

    Please review and become familiar with the materials in these sections:
    FAQs and Articles

  • Wireless Internet Access @ Eastern

    ITS provides wireless Internet access inside of the Library and on the exterior on the Library Cafe patio area. Wireless Internet is also available at Hurley Hall, the Student Center and Webb Hall (3rd & 4th floors) and in many of the residence halls as well.
    DO NOT to attempt to install wireless routers in any residence hall. Wireless routers are not supported on our Resnet network. The presence of a wireless router may mislead other students who are within range of its signal.

  • Trying to connect to your Eastern My Docs folder?

    You already know you can use your Z: drive from the Internet using the VPN, but are you also trying to get to your Eastern networked My Documents folder?
    Well you can through the VPN, but you must take additional steps.
    Instructions & video tutorial

  • Where’s the Shuttle Bus?

    Running Late? Don't want to walk in bad weather? Have you ever wondered... where's the shuttle? Well, it's time to get connected with Transloc and never guess again.

  • Important ePrint Information

    ITS is pleased to announce that ePrint for Mac is now compatible with Mac computers running both Mountain Lion and Mavericks. Click here to download the new installer.

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