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Students in Eastern’s biology program become biologists through extensive practical experience, and spend more time in the laboratory and field than in lecture. Working with state-of-art scientific equipment in small classes taught by a diverse full-time faculty, students cultivate an intellectual curiosity about life processes while developing analytical skills and technical expertise. In addition to the Department’s acclaimed Tropical Biology program, students also have summer internship opportunities. Independent research conducted under the oversight of individual faculty members is presented at regional, national and international scientific conferences, where Eastern students frequently win awards. Program graduates enter graduate/professional school programs or find employment in a variety of scientific fields, including genetics; dentistry; medicine; optometry; veterinary science; ecology; plant biology; marine biology; biotechnology; and science teaching.

Department Office
Department Chair:
Elizabeth Cowles
Science Building Rm. 361
phone number(860) 465-4385
fax number(860) 465-5213
Assistant Chair:
Ross Koning
Science Building Rm. 356
phone number(860) 465-5327
fax number(860) 465-5213
Kim Renaud
Science Building Rm. 368
phone number(860) 465-4369
fax number(860) 465-5213