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Meet Eastern Students

Jaden Henry ’21 Jaden Henry ’21

Favorite thing about Eastern The atmosphere here is great. It’s quiet, yet with enough to do that I am constantly busy.
Favorite Eastern Memory Seeing my mom cry tears of pride/joy on move-in day was great.
Hometown East Hartford, CT

Atticus Townsend ’19 Atticus Townsend ’19

Something I wish more people knew about Eastern: How close-knit the campus community is.
Hometown Phoenix, AZ

Jose Santiago Cruz ’20 Jose Santiago Cruz ’20

My Favorite Eastern Memory: Playing intramural soccer with my friends on a cold, rainy night in the spring.
Hometown Beloit, WI

Francesco Ricigliano ’19 Francesco Ricigliano ’19

Favorite Eastern Memory: My freshman year in Burnap Hall. Traditional living is very underrated. Our floor became a family and we always had a good time.
What are you involved in on campus? Honors Program, Student Government, Model UN & Conservative/Libertarian clubs, intramural soccer, and I work as a Student Center Assistant.
: Southington, CT; born in Cesena, Italy