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Paige Matheson ’19 Paige Matheson ’19

Favorite class taken: My favorite class I have ever taken here at Eastern was Fundamentals of Theatre Design. I love theatre and to learn about design technics by looking at current shows was such an amazing experience. I don’t think I can find a class where I get to stage my own production of Hamilton anywhere else!
Hometown: Colchester, CT

Adam Murphy ’18 Adam Murphy ’18

Favorite Eastern Memory: My favorite memory at Eastern has been a culmination of my classroom learning about Indonesia, which greatly enriched my experience studying abroad in Indonesia in the Summer of 2017. The skills and knowledge gained in the classroom were complimented by the experience of experiencing a new language and culture. 
Hometown: Meriden, CT

Jazzabelle Pluss ’21 Jazzabelle Pluss ’21

Why Eastern? It was my first choice and the second I stepped on campus, I knew this would be my second home.
Favorite Class You’ve Taken:
  My English class because Professor Youngblood has helped me so much already in improving my writing skills.
Hometown: Montville, CT

Jaden Henry ’21 Jaden Henry ’21

Favorite thing about Eastern The atmosphere here is great. It’s quiet, yet with enough to do that I am constantly busy.
Favorite Eastern Memory Seeing my mom cry tears of pride/joy on move-in day was great.
Hometown East Hartford, CT