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Anna Manser ’18 Anna Manser ’18

Favorite Eastern Memory: I don’t have a particular favorite but I love having home night games at the turf field!
Hometown: Manchester, CT

Jaden Henry ’21 Jaden Henry ’21

Favorite thing about Eastern The atmosphere here is great. It’s quiet, yet with enough to do that I am constantly busy.
Favorite Eastern Memory Seeing my mom cry tears of pride/joy on move-in day was great.
Hometown East Hartford, CT

Jada Sinclair ’20 Jada Sinclair ’20

Favorite Place on Campus:  I love the library. I’m able to quietly get work done and tables by the window are perfect for viewing beautiful sunsets.
Hometown: Windsor, CT

Juwan Givens ’21 Juwan Givens ’21

What are you involved in on campus?  I’m in ETV which is Eastern’s TV station, and I host my own radio show in the Radio Station on campus where I can talk about positive things and play some of my favorite music.
Hometown: Hartford, CT