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Meet Eastern Students

Jon Linton ’21 Jon Linton ’21

Why Eastern? I chose Eastern because I fell in love with the overall atmosphere and programs provided at the school. Also, the school was far enough from home to live on campus, yet close enough to return every now and again.
Hometown: Naugatuck, CT

Massiel Evans ’21 Massiel Evans ’21

Favorite Eastern Memory: Performing my first big leading role in one of the on-campus plays as a freshman!
Hometown: Nassau, The Bahamas

Kaitlyn Dirga ’19 Kaitlyn Dirga ’19

Why Eastern? I chose Eastern because it has an amazing community feeling. The campus is small enough where I’m able to wave hello to people while going to class, which makes me feel like a part of the school.
Hometown: Prospect, CT

Kayla Labrecque ’19 Kayla Labrecque ’19

Favorite Eastern Memory: My favorite memory at Eastern is winning the LEC regular season conference championship three years in a row! 
What are you Involved in on campus?  I work in the Kinesiology & Physical Education department, I’m on the women’s Soccer team, and I’m on the Executive Board of the KPE/SLM club.
Hometown: West Hampton, MA