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Are you ready to live off campus?

You don't need anyone to tell you that moving into an apartment can be a big step. This isn't meant to patronize you or try to scare you away from renting a property. We will never tell you that you can't move off-campus or that it isn't feasible. Only you know what you're capable of. What this information is meant to do is give you a tool to critically analyze how ready you really are to live off-campus.

The information we present on this website should provide you with some useful tips and tools to keep in mind when considering (or living in) an apartment. It should cause you to ask some very important questions. Have you considered a budget for living in your apartment? Are you certain you'll have enough money to pay rent, utilities, gas, books, and other expenses? What if medical expenses come up, or your car breaks down? Is the apartment in a good location? What makes a good location? There's a lot to consider when it comes to renting an apartment. There's even more to consider once you're living there. Safety, money management, landlord rights, and tenant rights are all things that every tenant has to consider at some point or another.

On top of all this, you may want to consider the social ramifications of your decision. Living off-campus, you may be able to invite a few friends or family to your apartment, but many landlords have certain restrictions and rules on guests. On-campus students have the added benefit of residence hall life, where getting to and from a friend's place may be as easy as walking next door. In addition to this, it may be easier on campus to stay connected to college life, including events and clubs. It may be a matter of personal preference, but living off-campus you may find your social life a bit different from on-campus students. Make sure that's what you really want before making the big move.

We want to help you objectively consider all these things and more. If you do decide to rent a property, we've included lots of information on our website. We've done our best to compile the sorts of information that might be useful to you whether you're just considering renting a place or you've lived there for years.