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Theatre and Performance Media Major: BA Degree Requirements

The Theatre + Performance Media major consists of Required Core Courses (27 credits) and Concentration Electives (18 credits) for a total of 45 credits.
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A Word from Our Student

Hannah Garrahy '19 | Theatre major with an Acting Concentration
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Theatre and Performance Media Core Courses

Through the completion of these required courses, students gain a global perspective on the societies throughout history that fostered theatrical activity; explore the creative process of play production as inspired by the director’s vision and realized by the creative and technical staff; develop vocal and physical skills through the communicative act of performing literature and acquire hands-on practical experience through onstage, backstage, and front-of-house activities.

Required Courses

  • THE 172 Acting I for Majors - 3 credits
  • THE 176 Fundamentals of Design - 3 credits
  • THE 267* World Performance History I: Ancient through 17th Century - 3 credits
  • THE 268* World Performance History II: 17th Century through Present - 3 credits
  • THE 270* Directing I - 3 credits
  • THE 275** Technical Theatre - 3 credits
  • THE 364 Performance in America (Writing Intensive) - 3 credits

Subtotal: 21 Credits


  • A total of 3 credits from the following with at least 1 of the 3 from THE 227:
    • THE 227 Theatre Design/Technical Practicum - 0.5 - 3 credits
    • THE 228 Theatre Performance/Rehearsal Practicum - 0.5 - 3 credits
    • THE 392 Practicum In Theatre - 0.5 - 3 credits

Subtotal: 3 Credits

Major Elective

  • Choose one course:
    • THE 472*** Auditioning for the Stage and Screen - 3 credits
    • THE 473*** Producing and Directing - 3 credits
    • THE 474*** Experimental Theatre: Theory and Performance - 3 credits
    • THE 481*** Senior Project in Theatre - 1 - 12 credits

Subtotal: 3 Credits

Total: 27 credits

No grade of less than 2.0 (C) may be counted toward degree requirements for Theatre majors or minors.

*Fulfills Tier I of the Liberal Arts Core
**Fulfills Tier II of the Liberal Arts Core
***Fulfills Tier III of the Liberal Arts Core

Areas of Concentration

In addition to the core courses, students take more advanced courses in a concentration of specialized interest: Acting; Directing, Dramaturgy & Cultural Performance; Dance and World Performance; Design, Technology, Management; and Performance Media. Through intense training and study in these sub-fields, students acquire a greater understanding of the history and global manifestations of performance, the acquisition and application of specialized skills, and opportunities to engage in creative/collaborative processes to better prepare them for careers and graduate/professional study.

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