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Dance & World Performance Concentration (18 Credits)

Theatre majors may choose the Dance & World Performance concentration, where they will take courses in world dance, Asian theatre and performance, West African dance, ballet and modern dance.

Choose 18 credits in concentration

Required Foundational Theory Courses (6 credits)

THE 269 Asian Theatre and Performance (3 credits)**
DNC 280 World Dance: Movement as Culture (3 credits)
Required Foundational Performance Courses (9 credits)
Choose one 2-course dance sequence and one from another
DNC 240 West African Dance I (3 credits)**
DNC 241 West African Dance II (3 credits)
DNC 251 Ballet I (3 credits)*
DNC 253 Modern Dance I (3 credits)
DNC 254 Modern Dance II (3 credits)
DNC 255 Tap Dance (3 credits)**
DNC 351 Ballet II (3 credits)
Elective Courses (Choose 3 credits)
FLM 322 World Cinema (3 credits)**
DNC 365 Special Topics (Dance, World Performance) (3 credits)
THE 375 Contemporary World Theatre and Performance (3 credits)**
DNC 445 Dance Composition (3 credits)

Concentration Credit Total (18 credits)
Core Requirements (27 credits)
Total Credits (45 credits)

*Fulfills TIER I of Liberal Arts Core
**Fulfills TIER II of Liberal Arts Core
***Fulfills TIER III of Liberal Arts Core