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Local Testing in Willimantic (if symptomatic)

Windham Hospital

  • Address: 132 Mansfield Avenue, Willimantic, CT
  • No appointment required
  • Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.–noon
  • Additional Details:
    • Drive-up
    • Bring ID
    • 72-hour results
    • Billed to insurance
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Student Testing

Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test is required!

Testing Locations

Students from Connecticut who live on campus must have documentation of COVID-19 testing that has occurred within 14 days prior to their arrival to campus, preferably 72 hours but no later than 14 days. Documentation will be sent to and tracked by Student Health Services. (The correct test for all students who are required to submit testing results is the RT-PCR test.) Residential students with positive tests must quarantine until 14 days without symptoms have passed since the test was taken.

Commuters from Connecticut living off campus (at home or locally) do not have to submit documentation of COVID-19 testing. While commuter students are not required to get testing prior to the beginning of the semester, those commuter students who exhibit symptoms will need to self-quarantine and be tested; those with positive tests must quarantine until 10 days without symptoms have passed since testing.

Out-of-state students from “hot spot” states identified by the State of Connecticut (see list found on who intend to live on campus will be required to have a negative test result as close to arrival on campus as possible. The test must be administered preferably 72 hours but no earlier than 14 days in advance of their arrival. These students must also quarantine on campus for 14 days on arrival. (the Housing Office will communicate quarantine conditions.)

Students living off campus from “hot spot” states do not need documented COVID-19 testing prior to arrival but will be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days prior to the start of classes. Resident and commuting students from hotspot states must fill out the State of Connecticut form found at

Students from states other than the hot spot states who are living on campus also will be required to have a negative test result as close to arrival on campus as possible. The test must be administered preferably 72 hours but no earlier than 14 days in advance of their arrival. These students will not need to quarantine. Commuting students from states other than the hot spot states do not need to provide test results and will not be asked to quarantine.

Students may move into their residence halls starting August 8. Students may quarantine in their residence hall with their assigned roommates or their off-campus housing accommodations.

All students must also submit an online screening questionnaire upon arrival and each day for first seven days after arrival.

Should a residential student test positive for COVID-19 either upon arrival to campus or at any point during the year and wish to return home during their period of recuperation, they may do so; they need to be cleared by Student Health Services prior to returning. The University will quarantine, isolate and care for any students testing positive for COVID-19 who stay on campus.

Students with positive test results must self-isolate for 14 days from the date of the test. This time may be extended for students who become symptomatic. Self-isolation may continue beyond the minimum 10-day period according to CDC guidelines. Students who are unable to return home, will be assigned to an isolation residential area provided by the university until they are cleared to return to the campus.

Any student with symptoms of potential COVID-19 infection will be evaluated and tested as soon as possible.

Ongoing Testing

Throughout the fall semester, 25% of residential students and out-of-state students will be tested weekly in each residence hall using the RT-PCR COVID-19 test. This will include random sampling of the student population and targeted testing. Resident assistants and residence hall directors will also be included in the sampling. The purpose is to identify person-to-person spread of the virus and guide the implementation of control measures throughout the semester. Students who test positive must self-isolate until 10 days have passed with no symptoms from the date of the test. This 10-day period may be extended for those who develop symptoms according to CDC guidelines.

Contacts of students who test positive will be identified and tested using the RT-PCR COVID-19 test. If an asymptomatic contact tests negative during their 14-day quarantine period, this person should continue to observe quarantine for the full 14-days and self-monitor for symptoms. Contact tracing might result in the testing of all the students and staff in a residence hall.

State of Connecticut’s Requirements

One of the State of Connecticut’s requirements for people coming to Connecticut from Travel Advisory states is that those individuals must complete the Connecticut Travel Health Form. This form must be completed as individuals from out-of-state travel to and enter the State of Connecticut. Failure to complete the form may result in a penalty fine of $1,000.

Eastern students coming from Travel Advisory states are required to complete the form and adhere to the 14-day quarantine mandate. You can access the form at

In addition, parents accompanying their students from affected states must get a test within 72 hours prior to arrive and also complete the form.