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  • High level of effectiveness (as high as 95% for Pfizer vaccine)
  • Tens of thousands of participants in clinical trials
  • CDC recommends taking the vaccine
  • As of April 14, 2021:
    • 192 million vaccine doses have been administered
    • 29% of all U.S. adults have been fully immunized
    • 23% of all U.S. residents have been fully immunized
  • Health insurance typically covers any administrative fees; the vaccine itself is free
  • There are two vaccines currently in use in Connecticut: Pfizer and Moderna
  • (The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been suspended in Connecticut pending federal review)
  • If you are getting the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, it is a two-shot regime and you will get the same vaccine for both shots, typically but not always at the same location.
  • Side effects typical of COVID vaccines may include:
    • Pain/swelling around injection area
    • Headaches, chills
    • Low fever
    • Fatigue
  • Following the injection, patients should wait 15-30 minutes before leaving vaccine site
  • Drink fluids and avoid strenuous activity for the first 24 hours or until any side effects have subsided
  • Effective immunity: two weeks following the second vaccine shot (Pfizer and Moderna)
  • Continue to wear a facemask and practice six feet of social distancing in public until further CDC guidelines