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Faculty Responsibilities when a Student Self-Reports a Positive COVID Test Result or the need to Quarantine due to Close Contact with Someone Else

(Revised September 28, 2020)

If a student contacts a faculty member and reports they have received a positive COVID-19 test result from an off-campus testing site or has indicated that they need to quarantine, the faculty should provide the student’s name and all other information provided by the student to the COVID team. Send this information via email to Sandra Rose-Zak at CC the department chair, appropriate Dean, Vice President Walter Diaz at and the Provost Bill Salka at The faculty member will receive a reply to their email to confirm it was received.

A member of the COVID Team will contact the student to confirm the test results or need to quarantine. If it is determined that the student does need isolate or quarantine, the faculty member will receive an email from someone on the COVID Team indicating the date the student can return to on ground classes. If it is determined that there is no need for the student to isolate or quarantine, the faculty member will not hear back from the COVID Team, as the student was not exposed to the virus and can attend on ground classes.

If appropriate, the Provost will implement the “Faculty Notification of Positive COVID Tests of On Ground Students” for other faculty members.