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Data Dashboard

We thank the University community for abiding by state and federal guidelines to maintain health and safety on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to remind everyone on campus to continue to practice social distancing, wear their face masks at all time while on campus, avoid crowds, wash their hands regularly, and otherwise practice the healthy habits that will allow us to maintain as safe a campus environment as possible.

Updated: May 18, 2021


Resident students tested
Week of May 10, 2021


Positive COVID-19 cases, resident students (On-Campus Testing)
Week of May 10, 2021


Positivity rate, resident students (On-Campus Testing)
Week of May 10, 2021


Cumulative On-campus tests since january 24, 2021


Cumulative Number of Positive cases, resident students (on & off campus)


Cumulative positivity rate, On-Campus Testing, resident students


Number of resident students in Isolation/quarantine


Number of isolation/quarantine beds used by resident students


Number of isolation/quarantine beds available for resident students


Positive COVID cases, commuter students
(On-campus testing)
Week of May 10, 2021


Cumulative Total of Positive Cases, Commuter Students
(Self Reported)


commuter students in quarantine/Isolation
(Self Reported)