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Eastern Releases One-Year Audit Report by TNG Consulting Group on Title IX Progress

August 31, 2022

Dear Colleague:

As you are aware, during the Spring 2021 semester, concerns related to our Title IX processes were brought to light which resulted in Eastern contracting a nationally recognized consulting firm to complete a thorough and comprehensive review of our Title IX policies, protocols, and procedures. The TNG Consultants are experts in the field of Title IX legislation and, after several months of reviewing Eastern’s Title IX practices, they submitted a report of their findings which also listed 20 recommendations for Eastern to consider. The work of strengthening our Title IX processes and implementing the recommendations provided by the TNG Consultants began immediately with the appointment of Dr. LaMar Coleman to serve as the Vice President for Equity & Diversity. Additionally, Sara Madera was appointed the Interim Title IX Coordinator and subsequently ,the permanent Title IX Coordinator. Critical to this process was the establishment of the TNG Oversight Committee . This team worked tirelessly throughout the 2021-22 academic year to not only ensure that the recommendations from TNG were effectively implemented, but also to restore student trust, enhance campus confidence, and increase the visibility of Title IX resources. I am very proud of what this team has accomplished throughout the course of the year.

One year after their initial visit, the TNG Consultants returned to campus in May of 2022 to conduct a comprehensive audit of the progress Eastern was making in implementing their recommendations and improving our Title IX processes. During this audit, TNG not only reviewed all Title IX cases that were reported throughout the year, but they also reviewed all documentation, trainings, and updated procedures that had been put in place. They also met with a variety of students, faculty, and staff to ascertain their perspectives of the progress Eastern was making with Title IX. I recently received TNG’s audit report from their most recent visit ,and I could not be more pleased with their observations of our progress. The report is attached for your review and will also be posted to our Title IX website. After reading it, I am sure you will be as proud as I am.

I want to take a moment to thank VP Coleman and Ms. Madera for their impressive work. While we will not be easing our focus on maintaining exemplary procedures and response protocols related to Title IX, I am confident in saying we have come a long way and are moving in the right direction. I also want to thank the TNG Recommendation Oversight Committee which consisted of Chris Ayeni, Starsheemar Byrum, Dwayne Cameron, Roland Galvez, Jaime Gomez, Lisa Hamilton, Nicole Krassas, Sarah Nightingale, David Pelligrini, Lori Runksmeier, Brooks Scavone, and students Eugene Bertrand, Anyka Fagan, and Nathan Fontaine. The work they did on behalf of Eastern is to be commended and is greatly appreciated. Although the work of this Committee is complete, ongoing monitoring of our Title IX processes will continue to take place through our already established SAIV-RT (Sexual Assault & Interpersonal Violence Response Team) of which many of the individuals listed above are members.

I want to reemphasize that our highest priority will always be the safety of our University community. Students should always feel that their concerns are heard and that the University will respond swiftly and appropriately to any reported incidents. Although we will continue to focus on our Title IX and other safety protocols to ensure they are of the highest standard, the report from the TNG Consultants indicates we taken all the appropriate actions to strengthen Eastern’s Title IX protocols, policies and procedures.

Read the complete TNG one-year audit report (August 2022).

Read the original TNG report (June 2021).

Elsa Núñez

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