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Private Lesson Information

As a liberal arts university, the Music Program believes that all Eastern students should have the opportunity to continue their musical studies in the college setting by declaring either music majors or minors. We offer a variety of courses and ensembles available, many of which fulfill various requirements of the Liberal Arts Core curriculum.

Private lessons are available for all music majors and minors. In order to be successful in private lessons at the collegiate level, students must have previous musical experience and be able to demonstrate an appropriate level of proficiency on their instrument/voice.


How to Apply

Prepare for your audition. Auditions for Fall 2022 can be completed in person or via a video submission.

Audition Requirements

Prepare one selection that you believe demonstrates your current level of ability on your instrument or voice.

  1. Memorization is not required
  2. All voice auditions must be accompanied (a pianist will be provided for in person auditions. Accompaniment tracks from YouTube or other resource should be used for any virtual submissions). If you have questions- email Dr. Emily Riggs.

Complete the Private Lesson Audition Form.

  1. If you select a virtual audition, you will be asked to provide a link to your audition video in this form. Videos should be uploaded to YouTube and marked as either "public" or "unlisted."
  2. If you selected an in person audition, a faculty member will contact you with more information.

Deadline: All Private​ Lesson Audition Forms must be received by Wednesday, August 25th at 5pm, however, students are encouraged to submit their audition form ASAP. Auditions will be reviewed as they are received/completed and space in some studios is limited.

Non-Majors/Minors, Non-Matriculated Students: Non-majors/minors and non-matriculated students are not eligible for lessons, but are encouraged to participate in our many ensembles, which are open to all Eastern Students. Additionally, students may be interested in the group instruction classes in percussion, piano, and voice; these classes may be used to fulfil the Tier 2 Cultural Expression component of the Liberal Arts Core.

If you are still interested in taking applied lessons, please consider declaring a music major or minor.


Now accepting Applications for Spring 2022 Lessons!

Deadline: We are now accepting applications for Spring 2022 lessons. All Audition forms/applications must be received by Wednesday, January 19th at 5pm, however, students are encouraged to submit their audition form ASAP. 
An initial round of application reviews will be held on Nov. 17th. Students who submit materials and/or complete an audition before that time will receive a decision before Thanksgiving break.
A final review will be held on Jan. 21st. Students are encouraged to apply early as space in some studios is limited.




Music Majors (all concentrations): Music Majors are eligible to take up to two MUS 356 (Private Lesson) and/or MUS 456 (Advanced Private Lessons) per semester. In order to be eligible for instruction on a second instrument (keyboard skills exempt, as it is a graduation requirement), students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA and receive adviser approval.

Music Minors: Music Minors are eligible to apply for one MUS 356 (Private Lesson) per semester. Music Minors must complete an application form for an audition to be considered for private lesson study. If approved, the audition committee will recommend 30-minute (1.5 credit) or 60-minute (3 credit) instruction based on a student’s current level of ability and the availability of resources. Approval for private lessons is at the discretion of the Music Program and Audition Committee and is based on a number of factors, including the demonstration of an appropriate level of playing ability and openings in existing private studios. Once approved for lessons, students need not re-audition as long as they complete the requirements below and are recommended for continuation by their private lesson instructor and jury panel.

Lesson Policies and Expectations

  • All students enrolled in private lesson instruction must complete a minimum of 2 public performances, one of which should be a solo (with accompaniment if applicable). MUS 103 and 107 performances are excluded. Performances must be on campus and take place at Music Program sponsored events.
  • All Students enrolled in private lesson instruction MUST be active participants in at least one University Ensemble (MUS 103, MUS 107, or MUS 113) on their primary instrument. Students enrolled in piano as a means of preparing for the Keyboard Proficiency Exam are exempt from this policy.
  • Students in 30-minute instruction are expected to engage with course material for a minimum of 4.5 hours outside of their lesson and ensembles. Students in 60-minute instruction are expected to engage with course materials for a minimum of 9 hours outside of their lesson and ensembles. This may include traditional practice time, research and writing a program note, translations or phonetic transcription, memorization work, etc.
  • All private lesson students are required to perform an end-of-semester jury for a panel of MUS faculty. Students are required to fill out a jury form, which may be found here. (NOTE: the jury form is a fillable PDF. You can download it and fill it out on your computer using Acrobat. If you fill it out using a browser, it is HIGHLY recommended that you use Chrome; it does not work at all with Firefox. It is possible to use Safari, but not optimal. For best results, use the Chrome browser.)
  • Only those students who successfully complete all of the requirements above will be eligible for continuation in private lesson instruction

If you have any questions about the process or requirements outlined above, please do not hesitate to contact the Music Program Chair (Dr. David Belles).

Studio and Instructor information:

For all other instrumental studies, please contact David Belles (Chair of Music Program)