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Finance Concentration

Financial management directs the allocation of resources to businesses and individuals that shape the modern global economy. Eastern’s Business Administration Major with a Finance Concentration provides a solid foundation to the financial concepts of risk and return, time value of money, investment strategies, and forecasting.

The Finance concentration courses provide in depth examinations of investment analysis techniques, financial institutions, modern financial instruments, global financial markets as well as personal financial management. Through careful course selection, individuals may specialize so as to pursue careers as financial analysts and planners, real estate specialists, financial brokers, bank managers, and various other organizational finance officers.

Students pursuing a Finance Concentration are encouraged to join the Eastern Finance Association student club.

Concentration Requirements

A minimum of 9 unique credit hours from any of the following 300 and 400 level elective courses is required to complete a Finance Concentration in addition to a student’s Business Administration major courses.

Complete 3 Courses Listed Below (9 credits)

  • BUS 345 Advanced Topics in Business Finance (3 credits)
  • BUS 346 Investment Analysis (3 credits)
  • BUS 347 Financial Institutions and Markets (3 credits)
  • BUS 348 Personal Financial Planning (3 credits)
  • BUS 349 Real Estate Finance (3 credits)
  • BUS 437 International Finance Management (3 credits)
  • BUS 438 Bank Management (3 credits)
  • BUS 445 Case Studies in Financial Management using Electronic Spreadsheet s(3 credits)
  • BUS 446 Financial Derivatives (3 credits)