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Oath Induction Ceremony

The purpose of Alpha Upsilon Chi student honor society is to

  • Recognize outstanding academic achievement
  • Recognize and encourage professional and community service
  • Foster high academic standards in our department
  • Strengthen students’ commitment to the foundations and ideals of their profession.

The shield of the society (on display) includes laurel leaves (given to Greek & Roman citizens for outstanding community service); a torch (representing the torch of knowledge); three (3) Greek words: aratie’-heegeia-rayos,  representing Inner Excellence-Excellence in Health-Duty to Others.

Students are selected based upon high grade point average, status in progressing through course work in their major program, professional involvement and community service.

Students line up with the last two places occupied by First Year Highest GPA students

Students are directed to:

Pass the candles signifying a unity of purpose and commitment to the ideals of your profession. It also signifies the bonding of one and another to the principles of excellence. It also signifies a willingness to pass knowledge on to others with whom you come in contact.

Students are directed to respond “I Will” at the conclusion of the following statements:

I promise to fulfill my obligations as a professional in the areas of health, or physical education, recreation, sport or dance, in a manner that reflects positively on our profession, our university, our university programs, and myself.

And I promise to pursue excellence in self, health, wellness, and service to others in my local as well as global community.

And to conduct myself while practicing my profession in a manner that reflects high ethical standards.

To these statements I affirm my commitment by stating “I Will”