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The establishment of an intellectual climate in academic departments providing instruction for future professionals in the areas of health, physical education, recreation, sport and dance is important.  The opportunity for students to become members of an international honor society will serve to motivate them toward achieving academic excellence.  This international honor society is established to recognize undergraduate and graduate college students for their academic achievement, service, and professional involvement in their field. Membership in this society will also serve to encourage cross-cultural communication, and lifelong contributions to one's profession and to the global community.  This honor society values its members and sees them as ethical and contributing members of society.

Name of the Society

The name of the international honor society for health, physical education, recreation, sport and dance is Alpha Upsilon Chi.

Purpose of the Society

The purpose of Alpha Upsilon Chi is to
  • Recognize outstanding student academic achievement.
  • Recognize and encourage students' professional service.
  • Foster high professional standards.
  • Strengthen the commitment to the ideals and purposes of students' chosen profession.
  • Foster cross-cultural communication among students from various geographic regions of the world.

Shield of the Society

The shield of the society shall include laurel leaves (given to Greek and Roman outstanding citizens), a torch (representing the torch of knowledge), three (3) Greek words representing Inner Excellence-Excellence in Health-Duty to Others, and the Greek letters (AYX) representing Alpha Upsilon Chi.  The primary colors of the shield are light blue, gold, and white, on a background of dark blue.

Membership in the Society

Student Membership Members of Alpha Upsilon Chi shall be students who have met the international requirements as well as those additional or more rigorous criteria set by a local chapter of the society. Candidates shall be selected from students enrolled in baccalaureate or graduate level programs that are accredited by a recognized organization.  Students may apply directly to Alpha Upsilon Chi for membership by competing an application and providing supportive documentation.
  1. Candidates for membership shall be students enrolled in a bachelor or graduate degree program in institutions of higher learning and majoring in one of the following areas: health, physical education, recreation, sport, dance, or related fields.
  2. Candidates for membership shall have completed a minimum of 60% of the course work leading to their degree.
  3. Candidates for membership shall have demonstrated a superior scholastic record by achieving an overall minimum of 3.0 Grade Point Average on a 4.0 grading system; or ranked in the upper 20th percentile of their class.
  4. Candidates for membership shall have demonstrated commendable service to their institution, their profession and/or community.
  5. Candidates for membership shall have demonstrated outstanding qualities of ethical and moral behavior. Each local chapter shall assume the responsibility of further defining and setting membership standards and procedures that either meet or exceed those of the international organization.
Honorary Membership An honorary member shall be a person who, in the opinion of the Society or the local chapter, has rendered distinguished service to his/her profession and has consistently supported the high academic, service, and ethical ideals of their local chapter and the international society.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be comprised of university/college teaching and/or administrative professionals, or retired professionals, and shall include one Executive Director (as ex-officio non-voting member) and additional board members not to exceed fifteen (15). New members of the Board are nominated and elected by current members of the Board for a specified term of   three (3) years. Board members may be re-elected for a new term following their expired term. Powers & duties: The Board of Directors shall provide general oversight of the Society and shall establish programs, policies, and practices of the organization. The Board of Directors shall have the power to establish committees in order to carry out the purpose of the Society. The Board of Directors shall have the power to establish annual fees that may include, but are not limited to, institutional and student membership fees. Regular meeting: The Board of Directors shall conduct its business by way of e-mail, regular postal mail, faxes, or teleconferencing.  Meetings shall be convened and overseen by the Executive Director. Executive Director: The Executive Director is elected by the Board and shall serve under the direction of the Board of Directors as the chief executive officer of the Society.  The Executive Director shall implement policies and programs of the Board of Directors; be responsible for recruiting new chapters; maintain communication with local chapters, with members, with board members, and external groups; and serve as custodian of records, and archives. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall maintain financial records of the society and distribute monies according to the policies of the society, and shall be elected for a three year period by the Board of Directors. Secretary: The Secretary shall maintain the membership files and keep records of meeting agendas and minutes, and shall be elected for a three year period by the Board of Directors.

Establishment of chapters

Colleges/universities may form local chapters of Alpha Upsilon Chi by petitioning the international office and Board of Directors.  Such petitioning shall include a letter and statements which address the following agreements:
  • To support the purposes of Alpha Upsilon Chi.
  • To adhere to the membership standards of the society.
  • To manage the business and fiscal affairs of the local chapter.
  • To select and induct new student members to their chapter at least one time each year.
  • To present each new student inductee with a certificate in recognition of achievement and membership.
  • To cooperate with other chapters and the Board of Directors of Alpha Upsilon Chi International in promoting the purposes of the Society.
  • To comply with the Society's policies and regulations.
  • To meet all financial obligations.
  • To file required reports promptly.
  • To provide the name and contact information of the local chapter liaison (chapter advisor).
Matters regarding the student selection process and format of the induction ceremony shall be determined by the local chapter. A chapter is a constituent of the organization of Alpha Upsilon Chi International Honor Society, and shall function under bylaws, policies, and procedures which are not in conflict with those of the Society. A chapter shall be identified by 1 - 3 Greek letters. The Eastern Connecticut State University chapter of Alpha Upsilon Chi shall be known as the Alpha Chapter. A chapter must adhere to membership requirements for students but may also establish standards that exceed those of the international guidelines. A chapter of Alpha Upsilon Chi shall have the right to dissolve the affiliation between itself and the Society, but upon such dissolution no local chapter will be permitted to continue to use the name, symbols, or shield of Alpha Upsilon Chi.

Tax Exemption

The Society shall be operated exclusively for educational purposes as an arm of the hosting institution (Eastern Connecticut State University) and shall be exempt from taxation under Section 501 (a) and described in Section 501 (c) (3) in the Internal Revenue Code of the United States.

Membership Fees

Chapter and membership fees may be established, and shall be fixed by the Board of Directors.

Bylaws Amendments

The Bylaws of the Society may be amended at any time in the following manner:
  • A written amendment shall be submitted to the Executive Director by the liaison of any chapter member.
  • The amendment shall be presented to the Board of Directors of the Society for discussion and possible approval.  Preliminary approval by the Board of Directors shall require a two-thirds vote.
  • If a preliminary approval for the amendment is achieved it shall be submitted to the local chapters for consideration.
  • A four-fifths affirmative vote by all of the local chapters voting shall serve for the adoption of the amendment.

Local Chapter Bylaws

All local chapter bylaws must be in compliance with the Alpha Upsilon Chi Bylaws and Policies and must be submitted to the International Headquarters for approval.  All local chapter bylaws must be approved by the local college/university administration. Nanette Tummers, Ed. D. Alpha Upsilon Chi International Honor Society for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport & Dance Eastern Connecticut State University 83 Windham Street Willimantic, Ct. 06226 (860) 465-0061