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Published on September 16, 2020

Students in HIS 388 Digital Windham take a history tour in town

Students in HIS 388: Digital Windham, went on a tour led by Dr. Anna Kirchmann by the ATCO Mills along the Willimantic River on September 3. In the course of the fall semester, the students will begin to build an interactive timeline for the history of Windham and Willimantic, which is part of the multi-year project for the Department of History. The students will select significant historical markers from among places, people, and events, explore available primary and secondary sources, and write illustrated blog posts for the website. The class combines a historical content component with the digital skills and tools knowledge, and is taught jointly by Dr. Kirchmann and Dr. Ostwald, who directs the Digital History Lab.


During the tour, the students considered Willimantic's geographical location, as well as landscape and environmental issues which facilitated its economic and social development. They explored the surviving built environment, traced non-existent mills and structures, and considered efforts at commemoration of the mill work force and Willimantic's industrial past. 

 Students in front of a historic mill

The class includes the following students: Liz Bartoshevich, Molly Charland, Matt Coppinger, Linsey Dore, Brianna Dube, Richard Freebairn, Russ Hagios, Tyler Hall, and Max Turner. 

Written by Anna Kirchmann