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Published on July 06, 2020

What do historians do in historical times?

They collect historical sources!

As an extra credit assignment, students in Dr. Kirchmann’s Spring HIS 121 (Recent American History) reflected in the form of a journal entry on their experience amid COVID-19 pandemic. They considered how they were affected personally and as students, as well as what impact the pandemic had on their family and friends, their communities, and the entire country. They thought about the significance of this experience within the larger historical context, focusing especially on the point of view of the young generation. This way a primary source will be created not unlike the ones we used in our course to give voice to the eyewitnesses of history. At the end of the semester Dr. Kirchmann compiled the entries.  They have been deposited in the university archives as a unique primary source on an unprecedented historical moment, and can be accessed here:

Written by Ania Kirchmann