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Published on July 07, 2020

Congratulations Graduating Seniors, and So Long

What a wild ride it’s been. The Spring 2020 semester finished up more than a month ago, after seven looooong weeks of emergency remote teaching and learning. And yet most of us are still stuck in our homes, in some kind of time loop. May you live in interesting times.


So to our graduating History seniors, we hope that the chaos that was Spring 2020 won’t detract too much from your memories of Eastern, and from your experience as a History major. Though I doubt many will forget the Great YouTube Commencement Experiment of 2020.


We hope you were able to attend at least part of the Digital Celebration event we hosted back in May. If you weren’t there and need a glimpse of the excitement of that event, a screenshot hardly does it justice:

Drs. Moor and Carenen and graduating History senior Cassidy Campion at the digital celebration

Kinda sad you missed it, huh?


The History faculty are, in all seriousness, sad to have not been able to see you off in person, but we wish all you graduating seniors the best.


So good luck, keep in touch, connect with several generations of your predecessors with the ECSU History Alumni Association on Facebook, and don’t forget to ask us for any help you may need as you transition into the “real world.”

Written by Jamel Ostwald